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not sure if i wanna illustrate my sci-fi story shiny clean or gritty dirty
Working Title: Regen
    Medium: Multi-Media
        Synopsis: It starts with a biological weapon that infects the entire earth...
        Genre: Sci-fi, Biopunk, Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopia
    1. Outlining
    2. Concept Art

Working Title: Net Vigilantes
    Medium: Multi-Media
        Synopsis: What happens when vigilantes from the net are starting to make actions on the streets
        Genre: Sci-fi, Cyberpunk, Action

    1. Outlining
    2. Concept Art

Working Title: E-Game
    Medium: Online Visual Novel
        Synopsis: it's a story about games
        Genre: Sci-fi, Action-Adventure

    1. Writing 
      1. Outlining
      2. Scripting
    2. Concept Art
      1. Character Sprite
    3. Programming
      1. Game Mechanics 

Visual Novel Game Mechanics: story Interaction

Start with an Arc structures w/ Act I-III each game in featured with several arcs to solve with no one shot epic story the game is open ended meaning after you finish a certain arc it doesn’t end the game you can still continue to finished other arcs.

Start with a big plot featuring several character arcs 

with their ending being affected by your intervention .. or your apathy sometimes by your indirect intervention via by other characters you’ve ever met … factions are also featured depending on how you intervene your relations with said faction can be good or bad



  • Sprite Animation
  • Coding
  • Video Cutscene Display
  • Making interactive graphical display



  • Romance
  • Bonus Features (After Game):
  • Character Profile
  • Episode
  • Encyclopaedia
  • Gallery (CG+Audio)


 Main Features:

  • Computer Graphics
  • Music & Various Audio
  • Other (Cinematic Cut scenes)
  • Bonus episodes featuring a certain side characters (after main story/flashback)


  • how many hours of gameplay
  • how many endings
  • factions you can choose to help or not
  • bonus epilogue episodes (after main story/flash back)
  • Media Gallery

Over all endings can be featured by the following based on your actions:

  • Reputation
  • Ally
  • Faction

Gameplay Mechanics:

Point & Click Gameplay

Plot Format : Episodic

Gameplay turn based real time optional

by choice + quick time event?

multiple choice + timed choice + (blank choice optional)

point and click elements

routes character +story ending 

skipable buttons for cutscenes

Save games import your progress will have results on later chapters 

love interest optional

h scenes optional


is quick and short with the introduction of your player character

Player Character Customization:




Mood status:

mood status on the left bar of your self-esteem  may affect your choices in your dialogues

  • Pissed off:
  • Flustered:
  • Proud:

Dialogue Choosing:

choosing not only affects your relationship with your allies but also your enemy as well

  • Persuade 
  • Intimidate
  • Beg
  • Bribe (money required)


  • Self esteem 
  • Intimidation
  • Confidence
  • Attractiveness


  • Assures Esteem
  • give additional bonus attributes when necessary

* confidants need to be gain from their story line

will update soon


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